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Functional Fitness

Train Your Body

Your muscles don’t know how old you are: they like to work for you. Maintaining a capable body will help you stay active and vital. Results can be yours in no time, starting today.


Christian Coaching

Learning God's Will

Christian coaching is a Biblically based approach, coupled and merged with tried and true professional Co-Active coaching skills. We build on the truth foundation that God has a purpose filled plan and future for you. Living into his will is our ultimate coaching goal.


Life Coaching

Take Control Now

Life coaching sees us becoming a team committed to accomplishing your goals and surmounting obstacles. Take your very first steps by clicking below.

Scripture & Prayer

Bring Back
Love, Hope & Faith

Christian Life Values

Let God Be Your Light & Your Guide

Christian coaching offers a deep dive into perspectives and purpose. I will help you to revitalize your love, hope and faith and shine the light of God’s grace on the ambitions that He has brought into your life. We will work collaboratively to achieve your goals with a Christian mindset and encourage you to be who God created you to be.

Christian Coaching

Fit & Functioning

Get Confident & Capable

Improve Daily Activity

Start A Functional Exercise Routine

Functional fitness workouts teach the muscles to work together and prepare them for daily activities by simulating typical motions at home, at work or in athletics. Functional training exercises often stress core stability while also utilizing different muscles in the upper and lower body.

Functional Fitness

Confidence & Goals

Kickstart Your Life Improvement Plan

Transcend Your Limitations

Put Passion Back Into Your Life and Work

Are you living an authentic life? Do you get to be you everyday, in every way? You don’t have to settle for mediocre or disappointed, you can design your home, work and recreational life based on your deepest desires and dreams. Reach out, and we can build a concrete foundational plan for your success and goal achievable, step-by-step. You are not alone.

Life Coaching

What Does It Cost?

A Life-Altering Investment In Yourself

You have gotten to this part of your investigation with one question remaining, how much is this going to cost. You are wondering, what will the ROI, return on my investment be if I chose to hire Linda Grace Byers as my trainer, or my coach?

We both know, that there is always a return on our investment. For instance, if you invest regularly in the buying and eating of fast foods, the ROI will be a thick midsection, a slower walking and living pace with the compounding of your fast food interest resulting in perhaps, heart disease and worse than this, self-loathing with exponential body growth.

Now, lets spin this thing around for you, shall we? When you invest in hiring a personal training, with every 12 sets of exercise repetitions, you can count on an ROI, with the cumulative effect of a leaner, fast, well adjusted to life body that works for you as you confidently face your world and the life you like living. Fitness, like financial wellness, is no accident. Both require thoughtful investment and the benefits are exponential growth. 

The same holds true with coaching. Each session has a cumulative compounding of interest effect. Coaching can take you from muddled and confused, to clear-minded and purposeful vibrancy. You aren’t reading about coaching just for the fun of it, are you new client? You are looking for a significant life-altering change that will take you places, change the trajectory of your now and your future.

You want to know how much training and coaching costs, what your investment will be?

My most popular training package is $200.00. This means you and I train for 2 intense body reshaping half-hour sessions a week for a total of 4 hours a month. Quick, not easy, and results-oriented, you will start to love the skin you are in, in no time.

One-hour sessions are also popular. No matter how we schedule your sessions, you will have a fabulous return on your investment.

Note: Combining training with the Lose it or my MyFitnessPal apps will garner the best results.

Now let’s talk coaching fees. I like people, and coaching them is one of Gods greatest gifts to me. One session can change your day, your week, and even a piece of your life that has been troublesome or challenging. So I offer one session at a time, for $125.00 an hour.

What I have observed is the life-altering changes that occur when coaching is consistent, especially in the beginning phase. This said, I highly recommend my most popular package of 10 sessions for $1000.00: you are not limited to ten sessions; this is a starting point. I cannot overstate the life-altering beauty and benefits of coaching. It is a private club, one I hope you join new client. 

Like everything in life, we get to choose what when where and how. The why you hire me is up to you, and I can’t wait to hear all about your life and what you want to make of it!

Yours in vibrant health and fitness,

Linda Grace Byers

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