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My name is Linda Grace Byers at Perhaps you have heard or read about coaching from a friend, colleague or family member? Hey, I may have been their coach and they have told you wonderful things about their lives as a result of their coaching experiences. Cool.

While I didn’t design coaching skills, I invented my very own approach to coaching based on the tried and true principles in The Bible: I bravely go where few have gone before, calling myself a Christian Coach and Spiritual Director. This is for you, my God sent client! He wants us to work together on kingdom assignments, since we are, after all, royalty!

Reignite Your Passions

Shine Brighter Than Ever

It’s a glorious life you get to live with an adjustment here and a shift there. This is what I see for you, new client:

You wake up in the morning, thanking God for a new day, and anticipating the work you have before you. Grinning, you remind yourself I get to do what I love most. While brushing those pearly whites you hear yourself confidently say “I’m going to make a difference in the world and it feels really good.”

If you haven’t already, you can take the short quiz on the home page at As you may already know, my website is fun to check out: more important than that, you want to have fun again, isn’t that right? You want to laugh and interact in playful and loving ways with the people you call yours, you know, those kids, that spouse, those relatives, co-workers and friends. You want to enjoy your life and hey, joy is available. I’m a call or short drive away. Go ahead and indulge in the belief that your life is looking brighter already.

I am a Christian coach and I am pretty darn good at what I do: that feels great to say. Coaching shaped and carved my life in wondrous ways, but this isn’t about me, now is it? I see that gleam in your eye, the one that says it is time, to get started on the life that has been waiting impatiently in the wings for you to get going on. That persuasive grin looks good on you; you simply must wear it more often.

Hear From Clients Past & Present

I have worked with thousands of clients over a span of twenty-four years of self-employment and some of them love to sing my praises. While I appreciate the acknowledgements, I tell you this: I know change is no accident, and that all of my successful clients (and they are too numerous to count) diligently work toward their own desired dream lives. They are highly motivated and that drive comes with them into every coaching session.

*Note: Some people have survived nightmarish lives at the hands of inept humans, and I am deeply humbled when I witness the nobility and integrity of wounded people, coming alive and living the purpose God Almighty designed them for in the world for His Glory.

Start Today

Let's Work On You - Together!

It is exciting to think that with one click and call, you are starting the stability ball rolling toward the life you hear calling your name. Your inner god glow is lighting up the place and you are purposefully moving toward a destination with a name. Now is a good time in your life.

At you can click call email text to book your sample session and I will happily respond as your new coach. Your life is crazy amazing and valuable to me, and it must be treated like the most precious thing you’ve got. That will be our work together, you learning who you are and why.

I hear your amazing life calling your name… can you hear it too? You are here, right now, for a reason. Let’s meet this week for real’s.

Your Christian Coach,
Linda Grace Byers

Your Christian Coach, L


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