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You never have to be accountable on Denial
There is a cool place that many have gone to visit called Denial. I believe we have all gone on short excursions there and for some, it is so pleasant and wonderful, there is no coming back! In Denial, you can come and go as you please. You never have to be accountable and best of all, you can leave a trail of destruction behind you without cleaning up. No backward glances required, you can just keep on keeping on as you travel to happy destinations located nearby.



Close to Denial is an island called It’s Not My Fault. Many people visit there, finding most excellent company. OnIt’s Not My Fault, people tell their stories in great detail. There is a lot of nodding and agreement from everyone as they take turns listening and talking: after all, it isn’t their fault either. You can take a short ferry ride across a bay to Blame Everyone Else. This is a delight to experience, however, there are signs posted everywhere by an anonymous do-gooder that clearly warn STAY AT YOUR OWN RISK. Eventually you will be blamed for something.
Next on the island hopping tour is Deception. This place is very curious. Nothing is as it appears and this island is inhabited with indigenous characters. While visiting, you are bound to be enchanted by Bold Face LieLie of OmissionLittle White LieManipulation, and a crowd favourite, Whispering Gossip. These entertainers will not fail to keep you engaged and occupied during your stay. You might even leave with a keepsake, you know, the old knife in your back kind that may very well be the envy of all of your friends when you return to Denial. Hell, you could win the grand title at the One Up Contest when you share your stories! Ahhh, sweet denial, it is a haven for the unaccountable, those who feel safest just not having to be responsible! Of course, denial is always an option, a go to hide away from the rest of the world but alas, it is lonely because relationship cannot survive there. No one can be trusted on Denial.


Beams of light

There is a place, not far from Denial. It boasts a lighthouse and on the darkest nights, beams of radiant light shine onto the inhabitants of Denial. Some cover their eyes with their forearms, blocking out the rays but some stare directly at the light and wonder about it, where it comes from. Eyes widen, pupils dilate. Those with eyes that see are drawn to travel to the island with the beams of light. The island of Truth beckons and onlookers cannot help but feel its tug, its inexplicable pull.

Denial is always an option and the Truth, well, it too is an option. You get to choose. We all get to choose.

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